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Vitamin C and Forced Vaccination: Neutralizing Toxicity While Optimizing Response

From - November 9, 2009

Thomas Levy, MD, JD [USA] [Host: Nick Haas, president, Medical Voices Vaccine Information Center]

All of the negative effects of modern vaccines are mediated by toxin-induced prooxidant mechanisms. Properly administered vitamin C can be expected to effectively eliminate vaccine toxicity and to stimulate antibody response to the vaccine, in the event that a given vaccine cannot be avoided in the first place.

Thomas E. Levy, MD JD is a board certified cardiologist and the author of 6 groundbreaking medical books, including Curing the Incurable and Stop America's #1 Killer! He is one of the leading vitamin C experts in the world and frequently lectures about the proper role of vitamin C in the treatment of a host of medical conditions and diseases to medical professionals all over the globe.

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