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The Origins of Vaccines

From - February 17, 2010

Jennifer Craig, PhD, BSN, MA, DHom [Canada] [Host: Sherri Tenpenny, DO]

Dr. Craig will look at the history of how vaccination in the West began, from Lady Mary Wortley Montagu in 1718 to Edward Jenner's experiments in the late 1700s and early 1800s. Medical voices from the past immediately opposing vaccination will include those of Charles Creighton MD, MB, and Walter Hadwen, M.D., who will tell us their thoughts on "cowpoxing". The idea that cowpox pus ever prevented smallpox will be challenged with clearly defined tables to dispel any notion that smallpox was eradicated by a vaccine.

Dr. Craig holds a doctorate in medical education and a bachelor of science in nursing. Dr. Craig has held the position of associate professor at the University of British Columbia medical school. Before earning her doctorate, she was a ward sister (head nurse) in England when everyone knew who was in charge! Dr. Craig is now a writer. Her book Jabs, Jenner and Juggernauts: a Look at Vaccination was published in 2009.

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