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Cotdeath: Vaccines & Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

From - December 14, 2009

Viera Scheibner, PhD [Australia] [Host: Mayer Eisenstein, MD, JD, MPH]

Dr. Scheibner will summarise her research into babies’ breathing patterns using Cotwatch, a breathing monitor developed by her late husband Leif Karlsson. She will further show that the link to vaccination is revealed, often unwittingly, in data that is published in orthodox medical research. Dr. Scheibner is a retired Principal Research Scientist (Rtd) with a doctorate in Natural Sciences.

After an eminent scientific career in which she published three books and some 90 scientific papers in refereed scientific journals in Australia and overseas, her study of babies’ breathing patterns in the late 1980s clearly pointed to vaccines as being behind the majority of cot deaths. Prompted initially by this finding, she has since studied well over 100,000 pages of orthodox medical research published on vaccination and has found no scientific evidence that these injections of highly noxious substances prevent diseases; quite the contrary, that they increase susceptibility to them, in addition to causing a host of immune disorders and other damage to the body, including the brain. She has been forced to conclude that they represent nothing but a medical assault on the immune system. Her research into vaccination has culminated so far in two books, and frequent international lecture tours in which she is invited to address groups of medical and legal professionals as well as the general public. She is also accepted as expert witness in court cases relating to death and injuries caused by vaccines, including so-called “shaken baby syndrome" injuries.

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